Negative Interaction Patterns

Negative interaction patterns

In online couples therapy, we take a closer look at negative interaction patterns. They are fruitless attempts to change or make the other person see something. This encounters unwanted counter-reactions from the other where partners mutually reinforce each other in undesirable behavior.
Since it is not always easy to articulate underlying feelings and dissatisfaction, this often leads to anger and recrimination. Negative interaction patterns are often what cause couples to seek out online couples therapy. The most common reasons that lead to negative interaction patterns are:
  • Too little time together so that they lose sight of each other
  • Difficult communication, so that partners do not coordinate well with each other
  • Making promises and not keeping them
  • Falling in love with another man or woman
  • Lingering conflicts
  • Growing apart
  • One partner not functioning well causing frustration in the other
  • Diminishing passion

What does online couples therapy cost?

For £143, you and your partner will have access to Your Love’s couples therapy for a year.

Lack of understanding and support

Partners actually need to find understanding and support from their loved one. Experiencing misunderstanding and lack of understanding within the love relationship often leads to anger and frustration. Through anger and reproaches the other person loses his or her head. The other feels attacked, goes on the defensive or counterattack. The conflict is often about underlying emotions.

Underlying emotions

Underlying emotions are sometimes difficult to convey. It may be that you are ashamed of it, find it exaggerated or nagging. It may also be about your deeper fears, insecurity and sadness which is not yet clear to yourself. Because we first look at yourself in couples therapy, you learn a lot about yourself. This helps to recognize, acknowledge and break through negative interaction patterns.
Breaking negative interaction patterns? It’s all about Your Love!
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